• Many tarot decks are supported and an ability to upload you own picture of a reading or design your own tarot spread.
  • Record your own tarot readings, for free so that you can come back to them anytime later.
  • Share readings with friends or tarot community.
  • Learn tarot by looking at other readings and how users interpreted them.

What's new

  • Use our new tarot spread designer in order to record your readings using spreads which are not supported out of the box.
  • Upload your own reading picture if your deck is not supported or if it is just more convenient for you.
  • You can record your readings using several different decks.
  • Added support for reversed cards and Celtic Cross spread.


If you want to learn by example and see how others are interpreting their readings, please enter your search keywords below.

TarotLog.com - Invaluable Tool

As a tarot reader you need tools to help you out with your readings and also tools to help you study the tarot. TarotLog.com is such a tool. You can use it to store your readings and come back to them any time later. You can review if you interpreted the cards correctly and learn where you made a mistake while interpreting the cards. It is an invaluable tool, you can get a feedback which you would normally not get. And all of that for free, so there is no reason not to try it out!

Don't worry if your deck or spread is not supported. You can upload a picture of your reading or use our spread designer.